Hello Dolly

Photo by Everett McCourt Fanny has long, chestnut-colored pig tails and a sad face. She’s yours for 89 pesos. Magy, with round cheeks and short curly hair, only costs 42 pesos. The German has blue eyes as shiny as the Caribbean on a sunny day, and Caro’s open mouth is scandalously suggestive. Either of them […]

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A night with a bang

The Hysteria discotheque, near Mexico City’s airport, is a monument to local sexual fluidity. A round, two-story cavern, on a recent night in its passageways I saw a man in his thirties dressed in the plaid skirt, white shirt and sweater that makes up a girl’s high-school uniform, while another man wore the short tight […]

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Photo by Ibarí Ortega Manuel won’t say yes, and he won’t say no. Maybe Hitler killed six million Jews in the Holocaust, as well as six million others. And maybe he didn’t. “It’s very arguable,” he says. “I wasn’t born yet in those days. I’m not the type of person who looks at a photo […]

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