park-shot-webI began this web site back in 2008, when the editor of my book First Stop in the New World pretty much put a gun to my head, saying that these days writers need to have a presence on the internet. Since First Stop is an exploration of Mexico City, where I’ve lived most of the time since 1990, for years I posted about the ins, outs and idiosyncrasies of the city. If you go back in time in the Blog page to the older posts, you’ll find eight years of writing, mostly about Mexico City.

However, at the same time that First Stop came out, I began to work as a mitigation specialist, assisting lawyers in the U.S. who defend Latin Americans who are facing the death penalty. As such, my life is no longer exclusively devoted to parsing the eccentricities and characteristics of my home base. From here on in, I’m going to continue to write about Mexico City, but also to post about my other preoccupations, from the criminal justice system to Latin America to Luis Buñuel’s recipe for martinis. It will also be a forum to keep you abreast about my progress as a writer.