The writing on the wall


Photos by Adam Peacock

I noticed these two signs walking through Coyoacán not long ago. For the Spanish-impaired, the one on top says “One in five workers cannot afford the basic basket” (which refers to a set of groceries, such as eggs, milk, bread, beans and tortillas, which are supposed to be subsidized by the government here). The one on the bottom says, “One per cent of the population has half of the national wealth.” Have a happy new year, everybody.


One thought on “The writing on the wall

  1. Andrea - January 3, 2016

    hi there david,

    i’m a journalist writing a book about an ex king of romania who lived in coyoacan back in the 1940s. i’ll be in mexico city from january 9-16 and wondered if you might be in town and available for a coffee. it’d be nice to have a conversation with another writer while i’m there, and it looks like you are also interested in that time in mexico city. i’m digging to find his home on 134 avenda juarez, and am a bit turned around on google maps (from nyc, anyway).

    you can reach me at my email, just incase it didn’t come through for whatever reason

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